winter break vlog • crocheting, bt21 in hollywood, & cooking :)

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hey friends! i know this was a kinda spontaneous upload but i wanted to get a video in before 2020 ends. it's a pretty short video, but i just wanted to pop in and say hi since i haven't been on here recently. honestly editing this video felt like when i used to edit my short vlogs back at the beginning of my channel and it felt really enjoyable. thank you guys so much once again for taking time out of your day to watch this video and as always don't forget to stay hydrated & take care of yourselves!

s o c i a l s t u f f

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b g m

✧ all songs by christina shin on soundcloud :) -

a b o u t m e

✧ how old are you? 17
✧ what's your ethnicity? both of my parents are korean, and i was born in america (making me korean-american)
✧ what camera do you use? canon m50
✧ what microphone do you use? rode mic go for my on-camera mic
✧ what do you use to edit? final cut pro
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