Uncle Hitler - Episode 3 - Fuhrer Knows Best - a Wacky Hitler Sitcom Satire.

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Uncle Hitler - Episode 3 - Fuhrer Knows Best - a Wacky Hitler Sitcom Satire.
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"Fuhrer Know Best!"
Episode 3 - Uncle Hitler
It's Bring Your Kids to Work Day at the Bunker and Hitler is Fuh-rious!!!

Join the hilarious Hitler and his Third Reich Nazis in their own hilarious sitcom adventures - The Fuhrer knows Best! Join Adolph, Eva Braun, Dr. Mengele, and the whole wacky gang as they keep you in stitches!
If Jojo Rabbit and The Producers had a baby, this would be it. If Mel Brooks made a sequel to Springtime for Hitler, It would be Fuhrer Knows Best! Imagine if Springtime for Hitler was a sitcom. If Bialystock and bloom we’re not making the play, but The Producer's producers were making a classic television sitcom, it would be Fuhrer Knows Best.
It's Hitler with a sitcom laugh track. Jojo rabbit meets a 90s tv sitcom.
We've taken the German Hitler movie Downfall, and recut it to make a sitcom comedy, with new plots and a studio audience laugh track. We've taken the world's most notorious bad guy, and recut him as a buffoonish, crotchety sitcom dad, in the vein of Archie Bunker. Laugh at his comeuppance weekly!
Ain't No Party Like a Nazi Party!!

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Wanna keep laughing at Hitler? We’ve made Downfall into a Sitcom!
Check out our Hilarious Hitler Sitcom FURHER KNOWS BEST!
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