Top Comics of 2020

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It's New Years Eve! 2020 is coming to a me it hasn't been too bad but I know for so many others it's been utter hell.

Well to cap off the new year, I figured I'd talk about some of my favorite comics from this year! Either they were series that wrapped up this year, or they kicked off this year. From crowdfunded comics to Black Label to cross overs and big events! in no particular order, these of my favorite comics!

*Catwoman #23 and 24 by Blake Northcott and Sean Gordon Murphy - This two parter was just plain dumb fun and brought back a VERY Obscure know the guy who gets power from Snorting are weird sometimes.

*Green Lantern: Earth One: Volume Two was a great continuation of the first volume that expands the lore and brings up a different take on the Yellow Lanterns! Great artwork, great story telling!

*The Tales from the Dark Multiverse books. Brilliant idea! Take a dark twisted "What if" style to a lot of big DC events! You guys know I'm a sucker for Alternate Universe stories!

*Dark Nights: Death Metal has been an AMAZING event for me! the One shots, while not essential, are some of the best I've seen for an event in a long time! They add so much and very few are fluff. Again it deals with cosmic level threats so you know I'm always gonna be a fan of that.

*Detective Comics #1027 and the DC 80th Anniversary Specials. These have set up what I hope DC does with their Anthology books going forward! A bunch of stories that actually have purpose or truly get to the heart of the characters! These books contained a whole lot of amazing short stories that made them worth each

*Joker War: A fun event that start off very fresh! Joker finally putting his knowledge of the Bat-families identities to the test and making their lives hell! Too bad it ended with the cliched "Batman calls the family and turn the tides!"

*Endless Winter: A nice fun simple story that had the Justice League deal with a deep freeze cause by an ice being! It sets up stuff for post Future State, AND it's hardly political! It's just a winter blockbuster!

*DCeased dead planet: The whole franchise has been incredible! We've got three books this year! DCeased Unkillables, which is set between the two main minis, that show us some of the villains/anti-heroes surviving things. Also the digital first series Hope at World's End! And of course the follow up "Dead Planet"

*TMNT: The Last Ronin! A long considered lost story plotted by Eastman and Laird that's pretty much the TMNT through the Dark Knight Returns it's amazing so far! I can't gush enough about this!

*The IDW crossovers this year were amazing! TMNT/Power Rangers, Transformers vs Terminator, My Little Pony Transformers, Transformers Back to the Future! And what makes those mind blowing concepts even were all clever and well written! Except me to do some reviews on them next year!

*The DC Black Label was Black Labels Year! So many books either wrapped up or came out this year!Three Jokers, Last God, Strange Adventures, Harley/Joker Criminal Sanity, etc etc. So many to go over but I enjoyed 90% of them!

*The Crowdfunded books. A good number came out this year and I am so happy to have received them! So many to talk about but, for the sake of this video, I boiled it down to three. The works of Mark Poulton (Graveyard Shift, USAssassin, etc), Mark Pellegrini and Tim Lim (Wall-Might, Kamen America, Black Hops), and Doug TenNapel (Bigfoot Bill and Earthworm Jim) all set high standards or released multiple books this year alone! Prime examples of what Crowdfunding could and should be!

Well that's all my books this year I wished to share. There's so much more but I'd be going into next year making this video if I went any longer! Enjoy yourselves and have a blast
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