Themyscira: The Home Of The Legendary Amazons Explained

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Whether in ancient Greek myth or in Wonder Woman comics and films, the Amazons make their home in a city-state called Themiscyra. But what is Themiscyra, and did it actually exist in history? This is the home of the legendary Amazons, explained.

When Wonder Woman debuted in 1941, she was revealed to be a member of a race of powerful women called Amazons who lived on a peaceful and technologically advanced land called Paradise Island, which had remained hidden from Man's World for centuries. Paradise Island remained the name of Wonder Woman's home until the comics series was rebooted in 1987 following DC Comics' major continuity reset, Crisis on Infinite Earths. Under the pen of writer/artist George Perez, Paradise Island was renamed Themyscira, inspired by the city said to have been the capital city of the Amazons from actual mythology.

Eagle-eyed readers will notice that this is a small change from the mythological city, which is spelled Themiscyra, with DC swapping the "i" and "y." The likely reason for this is that the comic book Themyscira and the mythological Themiscyra aren't exactly the same. For one thing, as History Daily points out, the original Themiscyra wasn't an island. It was the capital city of a region said to be on the coast of the Black Sea, at the mouth of the Thermodon River. This would situate it in northeastern Anatolia, an area we would recognize as Turkey today. In the comics continuity, Paradise Island was renamed to Themyscira in honor of their historical home, which the Amazons had abandoned after it had been destroyed, making their way to their new island home.

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