Steve McQueen drives! Sammy Davis draws! Cowboys and Cars! King of Cool rides with Tim Considine!

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SPIN & MARTY made Tim Considine a star but race cars are what really turned him on! In this interview Tim recalls the future King of Cool, young actor Steve McQueen, talking cars and asking Tim to let him take the wheel. Mechanically inclined, Tim was always interested in how things worked. While filming a CHEYENNE episode with Clint Walker, Tim took one of the single action Colt's home with him and took it apart to make the trigger easier to pull. He almost blew his leg off practicing his fast draw! Tim knew he wasn't as fast as entertainer and cowboy gun collector, Sammy Davis, Jr. But, Sammy wanted them to have a contest. In this episode of A WORD ON WESTERNS, you'll find out how that fast draw contest turned out, which TV westerns Tim appeared in and doesn't remember, and why movie star Fred MacMurray ended up starring in the long running sit-com with Tim, MY THREE SONS. Plus, you'll hear from Tim about his 26 years long effort to create a lasting legacy. It's a 3-volume book entitled "Twice Around the Clock, The YANKS at LE MANS 1923-1979." Recorded July 17, 2019 at The Autry Museum.
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