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????Welcome to Let's Relax????

This video contains 11 hours of relaxing sleep music along with soft rain sound over black screen, to help you have better sleep and rest throughout the night.


???? Is falling asleep to music or any kind of sounds bad for your health❓

If you enjoy sleeping on music, you should sleep with very soft music or natural sound on a low volume within reaching distance of your bed. Headphones shouldn't be used while napping or sleeping. (at least for a longer period of time)

Rain sounds are one of the best relaxing sounds nature provide us and sleep music makes the combination of two just incredible. Having these two sounds over a black screen provides you a dark room without light to have even better sleep.

According to researchers, sleeping with headphones while listening to music puts your health in danger and can cause permanent damage. Skin necrosis hearing loss and built up earwax are just a few of the side effects that could happen, not to mention, sleeping with cords near your neck while you twist and turn, isn't really a good idea.

✅ Relaxing Music is not something you only listen and enjoy; it is an incredibly therapeutic tool for emotional health, performance, and sleep.
✅ If you enjoy good music, if it makes you feel calmer, it is not your imagination; it is your brain responding to music you listen to.
✅ Falling asleep is much easier for people who listen to at least 45 min of relaxing music before bed.

*** Music Has the Power to***
???? Lower heart rate
???? Slow breathing
???? Reduce stress and anxiety
???? Elevate heart rate
???? Lower blood pressure
???? Quiet the nervous system
???? Ease muscle tension
???? Release of sleep-friendly hormones, (oxytocin & serotonin)
???? Reduce sleep-stifling hormones (cortisol)

????Why does rain have a calming effect❓

Studies have found that when rain sounds enter people's brain, the brain unconsciously relaxes and produces alpha waves, which are very close to the state of the brain when humans sleep. The rain sound is generally between 0 and 20 kHz. It is not upsetting. On the contrary, this sound makes people comfortable.

????Does rain sound good for sleeping❓

Sounds with a consistent frequency are known as pink noise, and they've been found to improve sleep quality by slowing and regulating brain waves so that you wake up feeling more well-rested. Natural sounds like falling rain and the sounds of the wind or ocean are in the pink noise category

???? Studies that have been conducted show us that listening to music affects the autonomic nervous system (in terms of a faster recovery) , making stress hormones go away much more readily than under normal circumstances.

????Our Vision????

Here at Let’s Relax, we aim to make you get rid of daily stress, help you sleep, study, or focus. Our music is designed to affect you and your body positively, so harmful hormones can go away in no time.

Let’s Relax has set a fresh compilation of sleep music to play on the background to help you rest, sleep, and meditate. Our Music is a compilation of instrumental music, which will help you focus, let the stress go away, and help you set your mindset.



Sleep Music And Rain Black Screen, Sleep Music And Rain, Dark Screen Rain Sleep Music | Let's Relax
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