Self Scrutiny

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Self Scrutiny:

The Oxford dictionary defines Scrutiny as intense study or thorough examination of someone or something. This definition is of course subject to physical examination of such a thing.

For the purpose of the intention behind this insight, let me share what I call Self Scrutiny, having defined scrutiny above corporeally.

Self Scrutiny is in this case spiritual. The act of self examination. And such transactions take place internally, thereby making it spiritual since only a person can examine him or herself.

The Biblical statement that, " the enemies of a person are within his home", may be understood to be talking about physical enemies, after all it is physically true that "Onye ma mmadu na egbu ya".

However, let us see it spiritually the way I have received it, and I deeply believe it to be the intention behind the above biblical statement.

Your mind is the garden and voice of the Creator in you. This mind which is also connected to your heart is the Temple of the Creator and consequently your real home.

Every mind receives thoughts, some positive and some others negative. Therefore the enemies within this your home are those negative thoughts we receive and sustain.

Such enemy thoughts when not scrutinized by oneself turn into acts that are externalized in the physical as wickedness and vices, that not only hurt others but most importantly hurt us.

This is also where our freedom of choice or freewill comes into play every second of our conscious existence.

These enemies within one's home in the way of the negative alien thoughts one receives make us sometimes procrastinate.

They come also as fears whispering to us that we cannot do this or that. Keeping us in psychological comfort zones that keep us away from realizing our potentials in life.

Self Scrutiny therefore is the only weapon we have against these enemies within, and the Love of Others becomes the body Armour we deploy against them.

Scrutinize every thought and make sure that negative ones are transformed into positive ones. This is because "whatever a person sows, so shall he or she reap", good or bad.

We should not let these enemies within prevent us from bringing out the gifts that we have received from Nature to serve others.
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