Phoenix Thor and Logan Vs End of Time Doom #2 | Marvel Comics

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Phoenix Thor and Logan Vs End of Time Doom #2 | Marvel Comics

In the far future, All-Father Thor and his three granddaughters re-sparked life on planet Earth after millennia had left it barren. But even as humanity once again flourishes on earth, the cosmos around it is dying. King Thor flew to the far end of the universe in search of life, and found only a Phoenix Possessed Wolverine. Thor greeted his old friend with joy, believing they would save the cosmos together, Logan had other plans.

The cosmic berserker went on the attack, claiming that in reigniting the earth Thor had doomed it. A fitting choice of words, for back on Midgard, the goddesses of thunder found themselves face-to-face with Doctor Doom and his crew of monstrous emissaries.

And this is not Doom Thor will remember, this is a Doctor Doom endowed with stolen gifts: The powers of Iron Fist, Starbrand, Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider.

Meanwhile, and arrogant little worm plagues Ego the Necroworld, The Living Planet driven mad by the power of the deadly "MIDGARD'S FINAL DOOM".


Previous Episode: Old King Thor against Phoenix Possessed Logan - Two Gods at the End of Time #1


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