Our 10 Favourite TPS Moments Of 2020 – That Pedal Show

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As the UK enters another Covid lockdown, let’s look back at the fun we had last year!

Life too short for long YouTube videos? Please see the ‘Interesting bits and go-to sections’ information below.

Welcome to the show! We were hoping to not have to do this, but Covid-19 has put a temporary stop to our early 2021 filming plans. Rather than leave you in the lurch, Dan and I decided to pick 10 of our fave moments of 2020 and remember them with the loving and tender fondness they so richly deserve.

We hope everyone is doing okay - a special message of love goes to anyone and everyone who is suffering mentally, physically or otherwise during these difficult days. Hopefully TPS provides some short respite for some of you!

The shows referenced in this video are as follows, with links in case you’d like to watch them again… or maybe for the first time.
All the gear used is listed in the video descriptions in each individual video, links below. Enjoy!

1) Watching Dan’s Reaction To A Cranked Super Reverb (first aired December 4 2020)

2) Vintage Tonebenders At Macaris (First aired March 20 2020)

3) The Jam In The Massive Reverbs Show (first aired November 27 2020)

4) Comfort Zone Challenge: (first aired August 14 2020)

5) The Strat Journey (first aired February 5 and April 28 2020)
New pickups1:
New pickups2:

6) Liv’s First Solo & The Practise Vlog Jam (first aired May 20 2020)

7) Discovering Neville’s Murphy Aged Gibson Les Paul Goldtop
Various videos through the year, the one referenced is:

8) Rabea’s Board Build & The Live Track at the end (first aired May 3 2020)

9) Doing G3 Stuff
The full G3 launch video can be seen here:

10) Dan: Simon Neil At TPS (first aired November 6 2020)

Interesting bits and go-to sections
- Intro & welcome: 00:00
- Dan’s Reaction To A Cranked Super Reverb: 02:10
- Vintage Tonebenders At Macaris: 05:40
- The Jam In The Massive Reverbs Show: 10:53
- Comfort Zone Challenge: 14:55
- Mick’s Strat Journey: 17:30
- Liv’s First Solo & The Practise Vlog Jam: 21:06
- Neville’s Tom Murphy Aged Les Paul Goldtop: 27:03
- Rabea’s Board Build & The Live Track at the end: 30:50
- Doing G3 Stuff: 42:23
- Simon Neil At TPS: 45:30

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