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We get the answer to one of the last remaining unsolved Easter Eggs in Black Ops Cold War Zombies that surprisingly involved the giant distant mobster Easter Egg!

1. The answer on how to get the permanent max ammo powerup to spawn into the map has finally been solved. In order to complete the Easter Egg players have to wait inside the bunker of the map while in the Dark Aether for 1:15. At that point there is a random chance to hear the stomps of the distant monster Easter Egg. If the player stays inside the bunker for the whole period of the dark Aether, they will complete the Easter Egg and receive the reward of a Perma Max Ammo that was dropped off by the giant Zombie!
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2. Treyarch has begun their new Zombies event by enabling double XP until Season One launches. It can’t go any worse than last time so it’s good news that XP Rates seems to be working as intended in Zombies for now.

3. The latest patch has not stopped the march of hilarious glitches that have been happening to players including when trying to drink various perks on the map itself.
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4. More details on the new Zombies content coming with the first Season of Black Ops Cold War has been revealed, where we can speculate about new Easter Eggs that may be added into he map and whether the new mid-season game mode coming to Zombies will be cooperative or competitive.

00:00 The Community Was Very Confused
0:50 New Easter Egg Gets Solved
1:45 Giant Monster Enters The Map
2:30 Giant Zombie Drops Off Your Reward
3:15 Is It A Giant Friendly Zombie?
4:01 Treyarch's Make Up Zombies Event
4:40 Best Way Top level Fastest Stats Soon
5:05 'New' Perk and Rust Operator Skin
5:50 The Competitive Cranked Zombies Mode
6:50 Coop VS Competitive Debate
8:05 Map Changes With the Seasonal Event
8:42 New Themed Easter Eggs Being Added
9:25 Best Weapons To Level During 2XP
10:00 Outro For Those That Missed It

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