MOVIE TIME | The Sims 4 | Male 100 Baby Challenge - Part 150

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Hello everyone! Brittney here. I’m back with the Male 100 Baby Challenge - Part 150!

In this part, we finally vote on the community space, meet a couple new candidates, and Kumquat works on his responsibility.

Baby count: 44/100

You can make future candidates for Austin! Use #brittneylg when uploading them to the gallery so I can find them ????

Need help with flower arrangements? Me too!

Please leave suggestions for our many future children down below!

Check out the ongoing series here:


The Sims 3 Aspiration Challenge:

My Original 100 Baby Challenge:

The Sims 3 Island Paradise:

Meet Ginny Speed Edit

The Sims 3 World Adventures series:

Jurassic World Evolution:

Meet Molly Speed Edit:


Lots used:

Grey Brick Manor II by Fempirestate87
Container Friends by josefine13579


Sims used:

Austin Worthington by ComStar76 (me!)
Beautiful Mermaid by Doddisumms
Spear by aidanrudd1
O'Malley by DaisyMarie2017
100 Baby Mamas by Heather Gagnon


100 Baby Challenge Rules:


Social Medias:

Twitter: Brittney@ComStar_Sims & Brittney@Brittney_L_G
Instagram: Brittney@comstar_sims


Music by:
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