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Hey beautiful, welcome back to my channel!

???? This audio contains subliminal affirmations originally produced by me to manifest all your desired material possessions! Each theme is extremely detailed & contains many topics!

???? Enjoy your results & your listen!

⁀➷ Benefits [extremely detailed] ʚ♡ɞ
“???????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????” network of billions & billions of dollars????????????, attract an extremely steady high income, lot of credit cards (good scores) ➝ Own: ideal girlfriend/boyfriend/soulmate, true loyal friends, legal money/cash, successful businesses, desired offices, cars, mansions, houses, condos, appartements, aesthetic room, castles, artworks, museums, paintings, makeup, beauty products, skin care/hairstyle products, perfume, jewelry, diamonds, gold, luxuries, crystals, engagement rings, marriage materials, high-end outfit/clothes/underwear/accessories/shoes/bags/glasses/hat, precious objects, rare stuffs, photographies, books, IPhone/IPad/Apple watch/MacBook/Apple PC/EarPods, gaming pc/laptop/keyboards/mouses/headset/monitors/phones/tablet/speakers, electronics, furnitures [bed, tables, wardrobe, sofas, decorations, lights, chairs, cooking furnitures, heating and cooling system, etc], anime/kpop merch, albums, autograph, posters, pictures, journals, concert tickets, travelling tickets, sport items [basket ball, soccer outfit, skateboard, tennis items, etc], plushies, flowers, pets, gadgets, games, video games, console, nintendo switch, ps5, ps6, ps7, cameras, starbucks drinks, boba tea, cake, snacks, desert, ramen, food, collections, win giveaways/lottos/jackpot/casinos/games, painting things [brush, art papers, canvas, panel, palette, etc], health products [medication, pills, vitamins, essence oils, etc], gifts, surprises, literally every material possessions/physical desires you can think of!!!

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Vindsvept - Distant, part two

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