Metal Oak Casting- the Alien Behemoth from Assimilation Alien Host!

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Oh my God! I really exists!
This one is so obscure even I forgot about it!
Alien Assimilation Front was an early successful kickstarter that got plagued with all sorts of issues. You can read up on it. I never thought I'd ever find this model seeing the light of day- thanks to DakkaDakka member BobtheInquisitor for helping insure this monstrosity got a moment in the spotlight!
I think it makes a great alien baddie. Use it as an Ambull or Tyranid perhaps. stick it in a Nightstalkers army for Kings of War. Use it as a hive enforcer for some malicious giant bugs. I'm sure there's all sorts of possible uses for this guy!
Want one! Get one while you can! They aren't even that expensive!

How should we paint this one though?
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