Lil Durk Speaks on King Von Passing Away... (Lil Durk Reaction)

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Lil Durk Speaks on King Von Passing (Lil Durk Reaction)
With the recent news of King Von passing it's been affecting Lil Durk in a massive way. Lil Durk King Von have been best friends for over a decade and started creating music together. In a Lil Durk King Von reaction on Instagram live Lil Durk shared his thoughts and opinions about King Von and the entire incident. Lil Durk Speaks King Von on Instagram live in a loving matter as he lost his best friend. On the Lil Durk Instagram live he also mentioned how King Von and Lil Durk had plans on creating more music together. Currently Lil Durk - The Voice (Official Music Video) is the last song Lil Durk has released and might be the last due to the King Von incident. In a Lil Durk interview he discussed the meaning behind The Voice and the song represents what Lil Durk wants to achieve in the music industry. The Voice Lil Durk is currently is #1 song on all streaming platforms. Hopefully Lil Durk will return to music after speaking on the King Von situation in a "Lil Durk letter to von"

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