Level1 News May 7 2021: The True Mushroom King

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0:00 - Intro
1:52 - DigitalOcean says customer billing data accessed in data breach
2:46 - Security firm Kaspersky believes it found new CIA malware
4:02 - Signal's Cellebrite Hack Is Already Causing Grief for the Law
6:44 - Legal chatbot firm DoNotPay adds anti-facial recognition filters to its suite of handy tools
8:31 - Ransomware gang threatens to expose police informants if ransom is not paid
9:26 - A software bug let malware bypass macOS’ security defenses
10:27 - Anti-Vaxxer Hijacks QR Codes at COVID-19 Check-In Sites
11:36 - Experian API Exposed Credit Scores of Most Americans
12:54 - Microsoft is changing the default Office font and wants your help to pick a new one
13:49 - ADT sues Amazon's Ring over use of blue octagon logo
16:24 - CEO of $2 Billion Startup Ousted for Taking LSD at Work
17:49 - Police Investigating Arson After Hornpub CEO's Mansion Goes Up In Flames
19:10 - Internet Outage in Canada Blamed on Beavers Gnawing Through Fiber Cables
20:07 - What Do You Call a Bunch of Black Holes: A Crush? A Scream?
21:08 - Harvard closes evolution center after finding connections to Jeffrey Epstein
22:04 - Thousands of the first genetically modified mosquitoes to be released in Florida
23:16 - German police say grenade-shaped item in forest was adult toy
24:20 - Myanmar: Ethnic Karen guerillas capture army base as resistance to coup grows
25:49 - Person wearing Chewbacca costume wanted in New Orleans stabbing incident
26:45 - Bowser's hoo hoo is being censored by Nintendo

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Intro and Outro Music By: Kevin MacLeod ()
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution License
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