Kodansha Comics x Yen Press Showdown Rematch: The King of Kinokuniya [Anime NYC 2020]

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The epic battle between two powerhouse manga publishers continues in a title match to see who will be crowned the “King of Kinokuniya”! The stage is set for a battle in the Big Apple as Kodansha Comics’ own Tomo “Double-T” Tran, faces off against Yen Press’ Mark de Vera, the “Man of 1000 Manga.” Watch as they test their skills and wits, to hard sell the best manga titles from each company within the confines of the hallowed NYC Kinokuniya. NYC is about to E X P L O D E, when these forces fight for manga supremacy! See the match for yourself, and stay tuned because YOU too can be crowned a winner of some excellent prizes!

Kodansha Comic x Yen Press Manga Giveaway!
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