John Cena Gets Revenge on The nWo Traitor (WWE 2K Story)

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John Cena watches as The Hollywood nWo take apart the traitor, Jeff Hardy. Previously John Cena's nWo stable were shocked to their core when Jeff Hardy returned to WWE to turn his back on them. 4 Months ago, former nWo leader Hulk Hogan was unveiled as the New manager of Smackdown on FOX.

Special thanks to:
1. The Enigma Jeff Hardy by ALCLegacy
2. Smackdown on Fox arena mod by Titavius
3. Hulk Hogan by Aznblusuazn.
4. Loaded Steel Chair by Grix
5. United States Title by LynchReborn

Awesome custom Themes by JaydeGarrow, AdamM & HM718.
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