Google Nest Hub 2: Scientific Sleep Review

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A scientific test of the Google Nest Hub 2 sleep tracking.
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Fitbit Charge 4:
Fitbit Sense:
Fitbit Inspire 2:

Withings Sleep Analyzer:

The EEG tracker I used is called the Hypnodyne ZMax: from @HypnoDyne Corp

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Fitbit Charge 3/4 Sleep:
Fitbit Charge 4 Heart Rate:
Fitbit Sense First look review and test:
Fitbit Sense Heart rate:

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Sleep Cycle App:

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Sleep Test:
HRV Test:
Temperature Test:

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Unboxing and first review:
Sleep test:
Heart rate test:
Q&A with Withings:

⏱️This comparison is part of a larger project where I spend over 11 hours a week tracking everything in my life. If you'd like to know more:

00:00 General intro
00:53 Google Nest Hub 2 Basic Info
01:51 Results: Sleep EEG Test Setup
02:23 Results: Sleep EEG Test Comparison
05:29 Results: Sleep EEG Test Overview
06:47 Results: Infrared Test
08:30 Results: Breathing Rate Test
09:57 Results: Comparison To Fitbit
11:13 Conclusions
11:40 Should You Buy The Nest Hub?
12:24 Details and Limitations

(1) Not Without the Rest by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ()
(2) Wonders by JVNA
(3) Can’t Sleep (YouTube Audio Library)
(4) Classique (YouTube Audio Library)
(5) Blurry Vision (YouTube Audio Library)
Person Waking up Video by Ba Tik from Pexels

Many thanks to Rob and Frederik (and his FUN:D SCIENCE FOUNDATION) for their help with the OpenBCI device.
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