Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google Update! (F.A.A.N.G Stocks)

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Here we talk about Facebook Apple Amazon Netflix and Google! So if you want an update on big tech stocks here it is! I hope you guys like this video make sure you like and subscribe and share with a friend! Comment below or what is your favorite FAANG stock! Let me know what videos you want to see in the future also! Thanks so much for the support on the last video it was one of the most views I got in 24 hours so I really appreciate that!

Having a trading community helps you continuously grow and improve your strategy. The benefits of having a community with you on your trading journey is priceless because its long term affects will guide towards success. You learn from the experience of others, share endless trade ideas, and you have support that will help you through the difficult trading days.
What it takes to become a trader:

Patience - you have to remain calm and composed and don’t become easily agitated when things are not going in your favor. You have to understand the importance of trusting the process.

Rage to Mastery - you have to be willing to commit time and effort to learning something at a deep level. Set realistic goals and follow through with a game plan.

Emotional Intelligence - you should be self aware of your thoughts and emotions and have a deep understanding of how you react in certain situations when emotions arise.
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