DEEP SLEEP Meditation | Guided Meditation with Raphael (hypnosis)

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Welcome to this sleep guided meditation to fall asleep fast and find a deep healing relaxation in mind, body, and soul

This deep sleep hypnosis experience is a form of guided sleep meditation, with spoken suggestions for complete relaxation, accompanied with a binaural beats

This bedtime session combines aspects of self hypnosis, guided meditation, mind and body relaxation, and guided visualisation for healing, to allow you a serene sense of drifting into blissful dreams.

Simply get into bed, listen along, and allow yourself to be guided, as you let go of physical tensions in the body, in the ind, and in your heart, as well as reduce stress and anxiety.

By falling asleep easily and more deeply, you allow your body to recuperate, and to wake up revigorated, energised, healed, and ready to live a life of purpose, meaning, at your highest potential.

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