COMICS AFICIONADOS: DC Saves HBOMax, X of Swords, Dan Slott & More

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COMICS AFICIONADOS: DC Saves HBOMax, X of Swords, Dan Slott & More

How HBO Max Became ‘Wonder Woman 1984’s’ Best Option

After Warner Bros. released Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” in September to lackluster ticket sales, it was hesitant to unveil another $200 million-budgeted movie in the middle of a pandemic. And yet, just three months after “Tenet” tried and largely failed to reignite moviegoing, Warner Bros. had to make a decision about the fate of “Wonder Woman 1984,” the last blockbuster scheduled for 2020 after other major films such as “No Time to Die” and “Soul” had been postponed or opted for streaming debuts.
With “Wonder Woman 1984’s” Christmas Day release date looming, the studio had found itself in between a rock and a hard place.

On one hand, it had a superstar director in Patty Jenkins, who wanted the follow-up to her 2017 superhero adventure “Wonder Woman” to have a splashy big-screen debut. The original DC Comics adaptation — spotlighting Gal Gadot’s female heroine — was a critical and commercial smash, generating $820 million in ticket sales globally. The sequel was expected to surpass the billion-dollar mark.

Though the film is forgoing substantial box office returns and will likely end up losing money — “Wonder Woman” cost $200 million to make and many millions more to market globally — leaning into the HBO Max of things became the best option because it allowed them to get the movie out in a timely manner while promoting a streaming service that’s struggled to make waves. Rival studios believe WarnerMedia is under pressure to make HBO Max a true rival to Netflix. 

This Marvel Hero Is No Longer a Mutant, and Fans Are Angry

The mutant population in the Marvel Universe has just shrunk by one. As revealed in Fantastic Four #26, Franklin Richards - once depicted as an Omega-level mutant with the power to conjure entire realities out of nothing - isn't actually a mutant after all.

As it turns out, Franklin's powers are the very reason he's always been mistaken for a mutant. When Franklin attempts to use the Krakoa Gate to visit his second home among the X-Men, he discovers it no longer recognizes him as a mutant. Professor X appears telepathically to explain that Franklin's mutant status was only ever an illusion. As a young boy, he dreamed of being special, and so he subconsciously altered reality to make himself appear to be a mutant. The fact that he recently exhausted his powers in a battle with The Cormorant has finally exposed the truth.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many readers are less than thrilled with this sudden change to X-Men and Fantastic Four mythology. Twitter user @arthurstacy writes, "That Franklin retcon is total baloney and I hate it."

X-Force #14

X-Force #14 is a well written, well illustrated issue that unfortunately suffers from overcrowding. Indeed, more attention should have been paid to certain plot elements. Be that as it may, it is still entertaining and well worth a read.

Hellions #6

Hellions #6 isn’t a great entry in X of Swords event, but it’s a great standalone issue in a fun series thus far.

Cable #6

Gerry Duggan does a good job with the dialogue, providing what is arguably his strongest work in the Cable series thus far. As usual, Phil Noto’s art is breathtaking, never missing a beat. Nathan learning humility and how to lose could be interesting moving forward, regardless of the frustrating nature of his battle. And, of course, the set up for Apocalypse vs. Genesis is palpable, a (hopefully) thrilling conclusion which readers will finally get their hands on next week.

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