CLIMBING TO DIAMOND - A Day In The Life - Ep. 5 Ft. Ryu

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#Season25 #PlatinumTank #Overwatch

The grind never really climb from Silver to the top ranks of Overwatch is still rolling on. Sorry for not posting in a while, I kind of lost my inspiration to post but grinding Overwatch and finally shooting for the promotion to Diamond inspired me to get back into this thing.

Hope everyone who watches this one enjoys it!!! I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!!I'm not sure when I'll post again, hopefully next week! Thanks for the viewership dudes and dudettes.

Maps in this video: Numbani, Dorado, Hollywood
Characters Played: Sigma & Reinhardt

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Intro & Outro Design by Kevin Macartney (HoopKingKmac)
Outro Song: Ol' Dusty by Kevin Macartney (HoopKingKmac)

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