Among Us Save Ship From Invasion Zombie Plants

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In a secret laboratory, the Among Us have decided to create a new and unique plant. ???? They craft a magic potion, but something goes wrong.
Zombies are attacking the ship, and now the Among Us characters are forced to save themselves from the Zombie Apocalypse. Will they survive? Turn on the video and watch

????Attention! An untranslatable alien dialect appears in this video! ????

#amongus​ #amongusfun​ #amongusimpostor

00:00 – The imposter is near!
00:24 – A secret lab
00:46 - It’s a zombie!
1:20 - A zombie apocalypse on the airship
2:12 - We need the secret antidote
3:56 - The Among Us vs. Zombies
5:44 - Zombie boss!
6:33 - Stickman in Minecraft
7:35 - Stickman crafts

Music by Epidemic Sound ​

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