ADMK - BJP கூட்டணியில் புது பஞ்சாயத்து! | The Imperfect Show 23/12/2020

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15:53 எவன் பார்த்த வேலடா இது
16:06 இன்றைய கீச்சுகள்
16:35 இன்றைய விருது.

Description :
* சீரமைப்போம் தமிழகத்தை; மக்கள் நீதி மய்யத்திற்கு ஒரு குறும்படம்!
* இனி நாம் போடும் குப்பைக்கும் வரி கட்ட வேண்டுமா?
* ஜல்லிக்கட்டு போட்டிகள் அடுத்த ஆண்டு நடத்தப்படுமா? அரசு சொல்வது என்ன?
* உருமாறிய டிச.28ல் CM ஆலோசனை?
* 28-வது நாள் விவசாயிகள் போராட்ட Updates!
#FarmersDay2020 #FarmersProtest

The Tamil Nadu government has permitted Jallikattu, the traditional bull taming sport, to be conducted during the harvest festival of Pongal in January with the caveat that all participants must follow pandemic participants must undergo the Covid-19 test at a government laboratory and produce a negative certificate, said a statement from the government on Wednesday.

The number of players will be limited to 150 per event. The spectators cannot exceed more than 50% of the capacity of the premises so that social distancing norms are followed and all viewers will have to wear masks. All entrants will be screened using a thermal scanner to check body temperature.

A special CBI court in Kerala capital Thiruvananthapuram today sentenced to life imprisonment a Catholic priest and a nun for the murder of Sister Abhaya, 28 years after the crime. The sentencing came a day after the two were held guilty by the court. Sister Abhaya, 21, was murdered and her body was dumped inside the well of a convent in Kottayam in 1992.
A fine of ₹ five lakh each too was imposed on the priest and the nun. Separately, the two have also been sentenced to seven years in jail for destroying evidence.

On Tuesday, Father Thomas Kottoor and Sister Sephy were held guilty of guilty of murder and destruction of the evidence. The priest, who was a Vicar and taught Sister Abhaya psychology at Kottayam's BCM College, has also been convicted of house-trespassing.

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The Imperfect Show is a 2018 Tamil language political satire show that deals with politics and news in Tamil Nadu. The political situation in Tamil Nadu - current affairs show by Vikatan, appearing on VikatanWebTV, which educates us on the happenings of the day in Tamil Nadu, India (often talking of Prime Minister Narendra Modi) and international (occasionally Donald Trump). A show with a daily episode presented by Saran, Cibi Chakravarthy. The show produced by Vikatan Group is uploaded daily including Sunday on VIKATANTV at 7:00 PM. Tune in for your daily dose of politics and current affairs, delivered humorously. Here is today's latest video of #TheImperfectShowVikatan

விகடன் யூட்யூப் சேனலில் சிபி, சரண் நகைச்சுவையாக தொகுத்து வழங்கும் நிகழ்ச்சி ” தி இம்பர்ஃபெக்ட் ஷோ”. சில முக்கிய அன்றாட அரசியல் மற்றும் பொது நிகழ்வுகளை அறியவும், வெளி வராத சில ரகசியங்களை தெரிந்துகொள்ளவும், அரசியல் தெளிவு பெறவும் இந்த நிகழ்ச்சி உதவும்! #TheImperfectShow

CREDITS: Host - Saran & Cibichakravarthy | Script - Vikatan team | Camera- Hariharan | Edit -Guna | Thumbnail art - Santhosh Charles

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