Actress Renee Adoree Grave Hollywood Forever Cemetery Los Angeles California USA December 31, 2020

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Actress Renee Adoree Grave in Abbey of the Psalms at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California USA on December 31, 2020. Renee Adoree was a french actress and appeared in movies: The Big Parade, Mr. Wu with Lon Chaney, The Blackbird, The Show, The Cossacks, The Mating Call, The Strongest, The Spieler, Day Dreams, Tide of Empire, Man and Maid, Monte Cristo, Excuse Me, Forbidden Hours, Redemption, Call of the Flesh with Ramon Novarro, The Pagan, Made in Heaven, La Boheme, The Eternal Struggle, The Bandolero, Tin Gods, Mixed Faces, The Exquisite Sinner, Back to God's Country, A Certain Young Man, The Michigan Kid, Exchange of Wives, The Flaming Forest, On Ze Boulevard, Women Who Give, Blarney, A Man's Mate, Parisian Nights, The Six Fifty, A Self Made Man, Personality Parade and more.
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