Actors Henry B. Walthall & Tom Santschi Graves Hollywood Forever Los Angeles California USA Dec 2020

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Actors Henry B. Walthall & Tom Santschi Graves in Abbey of the Psalms at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California USA on December 31, 2020. Actor Henry B. Walthall was an actor who appeared in Movies: Birth of a Nation, Judge Priest, The Devil-Doll, Judith of Bethulia, The Avenging Conscience, China Clipper, A Tale of Two Cities, The Scarlet Letter, Death's Marathon, London After Midnight with Lon Chaney, Ramona, The Raven, The Sealed Room, The Battle of Elderbush Gulch, A Corner in Wheat A Convict's Sacrifice, Police Court, Strange Interlude, Men in White, The Plastic Age, A Trap for Santa Claus, The Road to Mandalay, The Murder in the Museum, Viva Villa!, Somewhere in Sonora, Chandu the Magician, Ride Him, Cowboy, Wings, Dante's Inferno, Hearts in Bondage, The Trespasser, Beggars in Ermine, The Phantom in the House, Me and My Gal, Everybodys Acting, The Painted lady, In Old California, Abraham Lincoln, Oil and Water, The Stolen Loaf, The House with Closed Shutters, Death's Marathon, A Tale of Two Cities, Friends, In the Border States, The Inner Circle, The Wanderer and more. Actor Tom Santschi, real name Paul William, acting name was Tom Santschi. His movies included: The Spoilers, 3 Bad Men, The Adventures of Kathlyn, The Utah Kid, TRacked by the Police, Ten Nights in a Bar-Room, Paths to Paradise, the Phantom of the West, When a Man Loves, Eyes of the Totem, Vultures of the Sea, The Octapus, A Sultana of the Desert, My Own Pal, The Cradle of Courage, Alas! Poor Yorick!, Rivers End, Siberia, Lifes Greatest Game, Ben's Kid, Land of the Silver Fox, Little Orphant Annie, Paradise Island, King of the Wild, The Flaming Forge, The Law and the Man, Dolar Down Dollar A Week, The Warrior Maid, Thor, Lord of the Jungles, An Elephant's Gratitude, At the Risk of His Life, A Cup of Cold Water, The Spirit of th eLake, The Profiligate and more.
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