2020 Animation Rewind

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Drum roll please! *Drum roll* Happy neW YEAr!!! Oh, thank god 2020 is over, it’s been… quite a year :/

Starting from I thought it’s gonna be a great year, to the virus outbreak, then I screwed up my college test, which forced me to get in the comic department :’( Had a mental breakdown, then got over it and waste half of the year learning comics. Went to the interview to change my department to animation, but later heard that I’m only a backup, seriously thought about drop out of college. In the end, good news! I still got in for some reason! Then the time passed, and it’s new year’s eve.

2020 is basically a rollercoaster for me, and it goes downhill most of the time, I’m sure some of you guys had a rough year as well. But we somehow are still here, so let’s just be hopeful, and wish 2021 have something better to offer ???? Happy new year!

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