15 Animals That Took Revenge On Humans

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You may not know this, but like humans, animals can hold grudges. They’re just as capable of taking sweet revenge as we are. And, yeah, they can be even prettier than your passive-aggressive post-it notes to your messy roommate.

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Markov Gets Marked Off

Siberian tigers can weigh over five hundred pounds and can be ten feet long from nose to tail. They are some of the fiercest predators on the planet, so you don’t want to be messing around with these apex predators if you don’t have to. These facts failed to penetrate the tough, Russian exterior of Vladimir Markov, a poacher who was out doing his thing in 1997. He shot a tiger, wounding it, but left it there instead of finishing the job.

Markov then continued about his day in the woods, taking a chunk of the tiger’s pray with him. He would soon come to regret leaving nature’s stripy hunter alive. After a quick recovery of only a few hours, the tiger tracked Markov’s scent to his cabin, destroying anything that held the poacher’s scent along the way. It waited by the front door, and then enjoyed a hearty hominid happy meal when Markov arrived home. A pretty vicious episode of animal revenge, ha? Wait for more!

Dog-Eat-Car World

Dogs are man’s best friend, but that’s really predicated on man being nice to the dog first. This prediction became true for a man in Chongqing, China who felt the full force of canine karma. After finding a stray dog chilling in his usual parking spot, he sent it on its way with a swift kick and parked up as usual. But when he returned to his car the next morning, he found it in a dire state; covered in little dents and marks, it appeared vandals had targeted his vehicle overnight.

But unruly neighborhood kids weren’t the source of the trouble; indeed, the man’s neighbor had captured a very different story on camera. A pack of stray dogs had shown up that night and attacked the car. They’d left deep dents and bite marks all over the car, giving the wheel arches and windscreen wipers a particularly good seeing to. Whether odd coincidence or coordinated attack, karma really is a… uh, female dog. The guy deserved what he got because there is no need to kick a stray dog just for the fun of it. Next time, he’ll think about it twice before he does something stupid.
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