10 Animals That Got Revenge On Humans!

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From a mad gorilla to a team of vengeful dogs, plus a savage beheading! Here are ten times animals got revenge on humans.

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10: Gorilla Revenge
There is nothing as classic as the tale of the gorilla that attacked the zookeeper. This particular incident happened at Lincoln Park Zoo after an apparent failure in safety protocols resulted in an intern zookeeper being stuck inside of the outdoor gorilla exhibit with the animals still inside.

9: Tiger Vengeance
Siberian tigers are not animals you want to mess with. You definitely don’t want to make a Siberian tiger so mad that it literally hunts you down and gets its revenge. But that’s exactly what happened when Russian poacher Vladimir Markov shot and wounded a tiger during a hunt back in 1997.

8: Octopus Revenge
Animals of all kinds are able to get their revenge on humans. There is no better example of instant revenge then in a recent viral video in which a Chinese Internet personality was attacked by what she thought was about to be her dinner.

7: Leopard Revenge
This next story is significantly less humorous. As reported by the Daily Mail, a leopard snatched and ate a three-year-old toddler at a lodge in Queen Elizabeth National Park. This happened back in 2018, and so far as the story goes the leopard snatched the child as he followed his nanny outside.

6: Crow Revenge
It's fairly common knowledge that crows are extremely intelligent. But new evidence shows that crows can not only recognize human faces, they can also remember them and spread the word to other crows when there are humans lurking about that aren't very nice.

5: Camel Revenge
The story of camel revenge is one of the most brutal and yet the most satisfying. A few years ago during a heat wave in Rajasthan, India, a man left his camel outside tied up in the blistering heat all day so that it couldn't move. As you can probably imagine, this would be extremely aggravating for any animal.

4: Antarctic Bird Revenge
In Antarctica, there are birds known as skuas. While vastly different from crows, skuas do share one important aspect. They have great memories, and they can remember a face. In a new study published in the journal Animal Cognition, researchers say these Antarctic birds have been caught attacking researchers who had previously come too close to their nests.

3: Buck Revenge
There's no sweeter vengeance then when a hunter is attacked by their prey. Animals that are cornered or threatened are extremely dangerous no matter if it’s a cow, a tiger, or a hedgehog. Even a simple deer can become a killing machine.

2: Dog Revenge
Dogs are man's best friend, until of course they are abandoned and starving. A news story out of Jakarta, Indonesia, describes how seven dogs were abandoned inside their owner’s house for two weeks without any food or water.

1: Cow Revenge
We eat so many cows every year that it's about time one of them finally got its revenge. This happened a few years ago, back at the Muslim celebration of Eid al-Adha in which sheep, cows, and goats are slaughtered in staggering numbers over a period of four days to commemorate the sacrifice by the Prophet Ibrahim.

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